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Organizations must meet requirements imposed by the government, customers, standardization institutes and industry organizations. Compliance Management implies that the organization demonstrably meets these requirements. After the requirements have been translated into the organization’s work field, it is important to also work demonstrably according to those requirements and standards.

Adapting the organization’s working methods so that they function in accordance with what has been set down on paper often turns out to be the complex part of compliance. How do you keep Compliance Management from becoming a paper tiger? That compliance does not become overhead but adds quality to the work process?

Business Process Management and Valtimo make it possible to actually execute compliance processes. The platform records each operation (when the work was done, by whom and what was executed). The platform monitors progress and prevents steps in the work process from being skipped.

Auditing becomes a more straightforward process when using a BPM platform. After all, processes are not just workflows described on the intranet. It is important that work is actually done according to the procedures described. This way, compliancy is not an overhead but a competitive advantage.

In a nutshell

  • Demonstrably comply with laws and regulations.
  • Compliance becomes part of the primary business operations so that changes in processes, products and services can be implemented more quickly.
  • Quality is monitored. The platform ensures that the right people perform the right tasks on time.
  • Insight into the potential risks to the organization enables it to manage the risks better.



Organizations face a challenge with the GDPR. GDPR is not only relevant when formulating policy. From policy follows implementation, in the form of the legal right to inspection. In organizations with a larger number of systems and system owners, it is crucial that all system owners are allowed to provide the subset of requested data in a timely fashion.

In many cases, it will not be feasible to automate this process fully because the costs do not outweigh the benefits. It is, however, feasible to automate the management process to ensure that the request is fulfilled within the specified period.  This also provides direct insight into the speed with which the processes are completed, and any bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

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