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Welcoming a new employee and saying goodbye to a colleague is often an extensive process. It is of the utmost importance that nothing is forgotten, such as handing out and collecting company property and setting up or disabling the necessary security measures. This to meet the required compliance, ISO and GDPR guidelines.

Onboarding and Offboarding is often human work. Who should perform which tasks is communicated via e-mail. The status is tracked in Excel. This is error-prone and leads to security risks. It is difficult to determine who performed which tasks and when. Activities are not traceable for auditors.

In a nutshell

Valtimo turns offboarding into a structural process. It ensures that tasks are completed. This leads to fewer errors and lowers security risks.

  • New employees get up to speed quickly and departing colleagues say goodbye with a good feeling
  • Contributes to compliancy:  all security measures are executed in a verifiable manner
  • Demonstrable compliance with laws and regulations such as GDPR
  • Cost-reducing: reduces the overhead for manually arranging onboarding, offboarding and failure costs
  • Neat onboarding and offboarding contributes to a positive company image



Numerous steps must occur when an employee leaves the company. The staff must be notified, work must be transferred, and systems must be shut down securely.

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